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Gambling Licenses

Gambling Licenses

Online Gambling Licenses in Full Swing

Isle of Man gives online gambling operators a chance to get licenses. They continue to have excellent reputation especially in the context of regulating online gambling as well as giving licenses to gambling operators from all over the world.

We all know the desires of online gambling operators and it is to obtain licenses for their online gaming platforms and Isle of Man is definitely the best source for these licenses currently. They are the best regulatory body as of today and in order to expand the scope of their regulatory business they have provided new licensing opportunities for different B2B or business-to-business services. This should allow them to escalate their licensing business further and give online gambling licenses in full swing.

The current Online Gambling Regulation Act of 2011 documents allow new networks to service license to different online gambling operators. So far, Isle of Man has far exceeded the expectations of online gambling licensing. They established the new licensing level in order to keep recognizing the increasing importance of B2B to the industry particularly the online casino and gambling.

Garth Kimber – head of the Isle of Man’s e-gaming development – noted that the launch of the new licensing level allowed the country to have the capacity to satisfy the models associated or regulation issues related to the online gaming business from all over the country. This includes the companies that sell new platform or applications and even those that direct the clients or customers.

According to the head, the new licensing level involved three new tiers apart from the network service license that they provide. It now includes the standard licenses and sub-licenses. He further stated that the creation and development of new licensing agreements allowed the Isle of Man to maintain their pace especially today when the e-gaming industry continued to expand which includes online gambling without making the licensing process a very complicated task to pursue.

The licenses given will be centered on care issues that include regulation, player protection especially in the context of personal information and funds and assurance that the online games provided are just and fair. There is only one way to go through with this and it is to adapt to the given regulations which opens up to opportunities of further player protection. Isle of Man definitely knows how to make their licensing business attractive to clients. Also, the regulations are easy to comprehend thus making the licensing process not too difficult to obtain for as long as the business stands legitimate and true.