Online gambling helps soccer teams

Great new sponsorship

Espanyol will have new uniforms

LBapuestas patrocinará al club blanquiazul

The online gambling company and brand LBapuestas, will be the new sponsor of Espanyol, as reported this morning by the Spanish soccer club Espanyol.  This will certainly benefit both the team and the online gambling company, as they will get more fans and more people will get to know about them.  Soccer inSpainis certainly one of the most important sports and this will allow everyone to know more about LBapuestas.

LBapuestasSpainis the brand of the company Ladbrokes, as explained by the Spanish soccer club they also stated that they are looking forward to working with Espanyol, because they are a symbol of trust and prestige.

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The club has also informed that the sports brand Puma will also sponsor them the next season and that the team players and fans who wish, may attend the presentation of the uniforms on July 3rd, 2012. Although the designs of the shirts were not disclosed officially, one of the elements included and that has caused the most controversy was the inclusion of the Catalan flag, but we are all still to see how these uniforms really look. This will surely be an event to remember and watching the entire new soccer wardrobe that will be available for the Espanyol team members and their fans will be exciting.  It is said that the designs are quite modern and that they will make the team look better than many of the rest in the league.

The entity staff and team owners expect all of their new uniforms and association with this online gambling company to increase the number of fans that assist to their games, as well as the amount of jerseys and other accessories that they sell throughout the season.  This business venture is not the only one in the world of online gambling and sports and there are certainly a lot more of these to come in future years.

Online gambling is now being allowed in many parts of Spain and the world, which has allowed some of these online companies to merge with companies that have spent years operating in the market.  With this new business venture, both LBapuestas and Espanyol Soccer Club will benefit and this season is surely going to be a lot better for both. Since LBapuestas now has the proper licenses to operate legally inSpain, their promotions and other features will be announced at every Espanyol game and in many websites as well.